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How to customize your zoom link –

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How to Change Your Personal Meeting ID in Zoom Settings

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Changing Zoom personal link – Information Systems at SFU – Simon Fraser University.


Then you name your event, give it a description and set the time and date. Attendees who click will be shown a nicely rendered event page with the link to enter the Zoom call and the option to add it to their calendar.

You can try it out here, zmurl. In that case, people who click your link have to submit their email address. The host can then sift through the RSVPs and choose who to email back the link to join the call. For now, ZmURL is completely free. Next, ZmURL wants to add the ability to link your Zoom account to its site so you can spawn call links without leaving.

Pontis says the biggest challenge will be learning to translate more of the magic and business potential off offline events into the world of video calling. Click Save Changes.

Start with 2 – 9 cannot start with 1 or 0 Following PMI prefixes toll-free number prefixes are not allowed: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Must not repeat 3 digit groups like x or x Must not repeat 3 digit groups like x or x Must not use the same 8 digits like x22 x Must not have the same number 5 or more times consecutively like xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx xxx are not allowed Meeting IDs already in use Personal Link Your Personal Link is your personal URL that is associated with your Personal Meeting Room.

You can customize this option as well with the following prerequisites: Note: Your personal link must be unique to you. Choose files or drag and drop files. Was this article helpful?

Step 2. Step 3. The “Personal Meeting ID” dialog box shall be displayed. Step 4. Now edit your Zoom Personal Meeting ID by choosing a combination of digits that are easy to remember say your mobile number. However, the first digit should not be a zero.

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