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How to change the resolution on pcsx2.Best PCSX2 Graphics Settings (2022)

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How do I set custom resolution pcsx2? – Troubleshooting – LaunchBox Community Forums – Best PCSX2 Graphics Settings In 2022

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The default values are FPS and 50 FPS respectively. These values can be changed only by editing the pcsx2_ (in inis folder of PCSX2, see FramerateNTSC and FrameratePAL variables). It is not recommended to change them because it will break a number of games (but note that decreasing the values can speed up a few games). Change language in pcsx2 biosPlease watch my latest videos on RPCS3 2 PS3 on PC using RPCS3 Emulator – ?v=mOLJdKhP0. Mar 19,  · Config -> Video (GS) -> Plugin Settings. Then look for Internal Resolution and set it to x3 for p. Also go to Config -> Emulation -> Speedhacks and enable the recommended ones. For the graphics plugin, try OpenGL and D3D11 and see which gives you the best performance, usually OpenGL does better with Nvidia. -PC Specs-.

How to change the resolution on pcsx2. How to Make PCXS2 Run Faster on Laptop. Our Best Tips


My laptop runs pcsx2 best at x resolution. I was wondering if there is a Auto hotkey script that can be ran within launchboxx to force pcsx2 to run at x and then switch back to p native upon exit?? Note: yes I’m aware I can run pcsx2 in windowed mode at x But I want full screen. Probably the easiest way is to have a custom setting in PCSX2 itself and the easiest way to that in my opinion is using Spectabis.

Which is to have full screen resolution of os temporarily changed to x while pcsx2 is running. But when in full screen il When I use a p window But I can’t get same performance in full screen due to p upscaling. You could probably use a resolution switching utility to change the resolution using the additional apps though that would be cumbersome if you have a lot of PS2 games.

Just a side thought out of curiosity though, does PCSX2 run fine for you using a software renderer at native resolution? Software render is fine when it comes to 2d games. But 3d games is when I get frame drops. I’ve found windows apps that does resolution switching. But idk how to get them working with launchbox.. You might be able to use one of the switching apps with the additional apps tool in Launchbox.

If you edit a game you will see the Additional Apps tab, in there you can have programs run before or after a game loads or closes. The downside is that it has to be done on a per game basis. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Can 3d Fix manager be the problem? As there is no profile for pcsx2, maybe it interferes with the local fix?

I just installed it for the first time. I tried to disable all fixes, and at some point yesterday it worked in correct colors in SBS, but today its not working again. I don’t know how to fix it. DO you have an idea what could be the problem?

Will a screenshot help? PS2 games in 3D??? Thank You so so much for all the hard work you guys!! Hi there. I’m traying to make this work, but the emulator crashes with both full boot and fast boot. I’m traying to play Justice League Heroes, but as soon as I applied all the patches, the emulator shows a black screen and then crahes.

I downloaded PCSX2 version 1. This patch. Where should I unzip it? Where should I install it? How does it work? I don’t understand it completely. Overwrite the folder that comes from the previous link. Done, although the games I’m trying to play aren’t here.

Could that be the reason the emulator crashes on boot? If that’s the case, unzip this there too and follow the old instructions to boot games. I have Windows 10, so I shouldn’t try this, right? Uncomment the line for the game you want to play. Don’t uncomment more than one at the same time. If you want to create your own overrides, create a new “. I believe I shouldn’t use this, because the game I’m trying to play insn’t here, right? You can just launch the bat file, doesn’t matter where I think.

Thanks for the reply. But, I tried that, too. But the emulator still crashes. Anything else I can try? When I launch the Emulator, it shows, before it crashes, the word “Interlaced” in the above bar. So, tecnically, the 3d is working for a bit, before it crashes. Also, could the problem be that I have an ATI graphics card? It’s a Radeon RX It is indeed a mess. Best solution to the new vs. Your life will be better if you get off of the upgrade treadmill.

Microsoft and Nvidia are not interested in making your life easier. Or go all-in on the treadmill and use a console for ‘modern’ stuff, where you have no control over anything, but just use whatever they provide. See the now updated instructions of “Booting games”, using Special K PCSX2 is now working for me with the I think I remember reading a forum where this process was explained post I am at a loss.

It took some time, but I have updated the instructions for booting games. The old Special K version as dxgi. THEN when I launched a pcsx2 game some windows. I accepted. THEN launching pcsx2 again that.

THEN and I am pretty sure this is the trick. I am pretty sure that this would work regardless of windows 10 OS fork, 3d vision driver, nvidia profile inspector, pcsx2 version, or method 2.

I backed up and reloaded the original one and it works the same. F6 will not switch to mid game anymore? I followed the steps and when I go to fullscreen the image goes a little darker as if 3D vision has been activated but the image has zero depth thru the glasses. Any idea why I just get a black screen or crash when i get 3D going? Am I just doing something dumb lol I have ti with the So frustrating haha.

The game I’m trying to play is Dark Cloud 2. Haven’t tried any others. As you may or may not be aware, PCSX2’s input lag issues were at long last significantly reduced earlier this year by refractionpcsx2. Unfortunately, it’s looking like tadanokojin’s flip mode pull may never be merged to master in a form that is useful to us, but as luck would have it, refractionpcsx2 used tadanokojin’s pull as a base when testing the input lag changes, and provided several test builds before merging!

I didn’t notice any issues whatsoever with the stereoscopic presentation during my playthrough. There should be no reason for that. I can’t figure out what uncomment means in the List of Games section. How exactly am I supposed to “uncomment”, that’s not very clear on what to change. Any line that starts with a semicolon like ; is commented out because of how all.

To uncomment, just delete the semicolon. At this moment the fix has individual ini files that you can enable only one at a time to fix games. I’ve also done performance improvements to the fix and changed some hotkeys. UPDATE : big update with manually fixed games some better than others , compared to the 30 something incomplete profiles from the previous version. I have also balanced the convergence scaling of those games, so normal gameplay is fine without having to change convergence.

Warning: this isn’t as “plug and play” as PC games fixes. It will need user involvement depending on how much you want a perfect experience, because it’s impossible to have all games fixed at the same time. Installation – Download the fix here and unzip its contents in your PCSX2 folder, where ” pcsx2xavx2. Configure the rest of the settings as you want. This way games will trigger 3D as soon as you launch them they need to be fullscreen.

I recommend “Standard” vsync in the emulator and “application controlled” in the driver, to be able to speed up with F4 without limits and still get vsync at normal speed.

You can change profiles mid game. Press F10 to reload the changes made to the ini files. Old instructions, not needed anymore: This needs a special procedure. After installing all the needed files, if you try to open the GSdx configuration, the emulator will crash. Follow these steps: – Open the emulator. It doesn’t matter if you apply changes or not. This action will unlock esclusive fullscreen, needed for the next steps. I recommend checking this PCSX2 thread to completely disable interlacing in some games.

This fix was done without using physical shader files, for better future compatibility. Instead, it uses a real time “find and replace” function for exactly three shaders that control all geometry in all games. The problem is that some effects of those shaders need to not be stereoized, like the HUD or some double stereoized effects sometimes bloom, blur filters, shadows The regex function tries to not stereoize things that have a depth value of 0 or 1, and in some games it works most of the HUD of the Kingdom Hearts games.

The first and most simple solution, which may be partial or fix some things and break others but it’s useful many times, is using three hotkeys I offer to disable stereoization in each of the three shaders that control geometry. They are “j”, “k” and “l”, and I’ll refer to them as “regex 1”, “regex 2” and “regex 3”. And that’s also their order of importance, as you’ll almost never have to disable the first one. A lot of times a mix of regex 3 and regex 2 will fix HUD issues, but regex 2 is usually related to other effects.

Use of shader overrides. Warning: for advanced users and perfectionists Sometimes, or usually, disabling some of the regex isn’t enough to make a game perfect or almost perfect, because you will be disabling more things than needed.

Or maybe the HUD is related to regex 1. In these cases, you need to tell the regex to not stereoize a specific pixel shader. This is where things get more complicated, for these reasons: 1- Future PCSX2 specifically GSdx builds may change the hash of the generated shaders, rendering all game specific fixes useless.

Still, games don’t usually need a lot of these. Most of the affected games need between 1 and 3 in my experience. So fixing all games at the same time is impossible. Even with a small library of 30 something games I found a little more than 10 conflicts between games. Now about how to do a shader override. The fix includes working examples for games I own, inside the “GameFixes” folder. Those are the three vertex shaders I stereoize with regexes, and their default values for stereoization.

In the “. They contain the hash of the pixel shader, and the value they pass to their parent vertex shader. How to get the pixel shader hashes?

After that, run the emulator and play the game you want. Press “0” in the numpad and you will see a green overlay. Numpad keys 1 and 2 will cycle through the available pixel shaders, disabling the current one. Numpad key 3 will dump the shader inside the “ShaderFixes” folder. If you look a few paragraphs above in this post, you will see that it’s regex 1. If you want to not stereoize that effect, write this in the appropriate “.

Changes should be applied instantly it will also reset the state of all hotkeys. When you are done, close the game and set “hunting” to 0 again. And you can delete your dumped shaders that are inside “ShaderFixes”.

OSD and depth hunting advanced users mostly You can enable an OSD that shows information about the current value of hotkeys and other useful information. By default this is disabled, because you could use the depth hunting hotkeys accidentally. With this, you can do a much better kind of fixes than shader overrides. They should be universal for past and future PCSX2 versions. When you are ingame, press ” c ” and the OSD will appear near the bottom left corner. This screenshot shows the default state:.

Different games may need wildly different convergence levels. I tried to cover as many cases as I could. Multiple separation and convergence combination presets made for those games. These games present geometry with very compressed depth. This is a workaround that makes them normal. Not needed if you use game specific fixes. This hotkey makes them have the same depth as the other games. Don’t use it with unaffected games unless you know you want it.

Only for Regex 3 for performance and image quality reasons. Very buggy and I recommend not using it. Not recommended. Three presets disable one frame, the other, and disabled , and it’s disabled by default. This is possible because PCSX2 outputs 60fps no matter the internal fps. Don’t use in 60fps games. And beware of the nasty 30Hz flickering , if you are sensitive to it.

This black frame insertion mode doesn’t know what frame is the original and what frame is the duplicate, so input lag may vary because it’s chosen at random loading savestates may change it too.

If you want 20Hz flickering, go to the bottom of “d3dx. Disabled by default. Why use this when you have 3D Vision Discover for anaglyph? Two reasons. One: it allows two or more people to use 3D Vision and anaglyph glasses at the same time , at the cost of some color quality for the 3D Vision glasses users compared to not using anaglyph.


– How to change the resolution on pcsx2


The project is open to contributions, and we’ll look at every Pull Request people send, but we won’t be developing this ourselves. Really if you want new features, feel free to create a wiki page called “Feature Requests”, and write the things you’d like to see done, in there. As far as I know, everyone can edit the Wiki section, and that way, we don’t pollute the issue tracker with non-issues. Monochrome makes these ‘increase internal resolution’ feature threads for every other emulator without thinking of the implications, including even emulators that aren’t even playable yet i.

PS3 emulators. I’d not be concerned with him much after his blanket feature request routines. Besides, software should be strictly preserving the way it was seen on the PS2, especially for pixel buffer effects which PS2 games use an excess of.

I’m all for accurate software-based preservation of hardware and not for slow software xBRZ p wanted by one person. Skip to content. Star 6. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. I The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. This would make more glitches as in hardware mode. Sent from Samsung mobile uyjulian notifications github. I think those “some games” will break when you increase native resolution.

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